On line training for clinical & educational supervisors

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If you are supervising trainees it is absolutely essential that you are accredited as a trainer. This can be tricky as there seem to be a variety of courses and qualifications out there that might appear to fit the bill….., but do they? It can be tricky to tell and if in doubt you can contact the postgrad team and/or speak to your divisional lead.

If you want a course that you can do in your own time, at your convenience and which is approved by the deanery then you can look no further than the deanery VLE. The link is here.

I’ve done this and it’s really not that bad šŸ™‚ The content is appropriate and you can use it in appraisal for evidence of your continuing professional developmentĀ  as an educator.



GMC Survey

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Just three days to go until the end of the GMC survey. If you’ve not replied yet, please do as soon as possible. Your comments really count.

The survey link can be found here.